ALARA Principle


What Does ALARA Mean and Why Is It So Important?


The ALARA principle is that the residual risk shall be as low as reasonably Achievable --ICRP 26--

3 Cardinal Principles of ALARA


If you work near a radioactive source, you should try to limit the amount of time spent near it. Finish your task as quickly as possible to avoid spending more time near the source than necessary. Avoid lingering in risky environments like contaminated areas and airborne radioactivity areas.


The further away you’re from the radioactive source, the better. By keeping a safe distance from Xray sources, you ultimately decrease your dose. Maximize your distance and avoid picking a strong source up with your hands.


Shielding is another protective measure against radiation. Put something between you and the radiation source to minimize your exposure. Keep in mind that the most effective shielding depends on what kind of radiation the source is emitting. Some examples include concrete, lead, and special plastic shields.