21th September 2022

ARASIA Board of Representatives Meeting at the GC66

27 September 2022
Room M6
  1. Opening of the meeting
    Dr. Bilal Nsoulli - ARASIA Chairperson
    Mr. Hua Liu - Deputy Director General - TC/IAEA

  2. Adoption of the Agenda and designation of Rapporteurs 

  3. ARASIA implementation report (January - August 2022) 

  4. Proposed regional events for the year 2023 

  5. Report on the ARASIA new programme for 2024-2025 

  6. Establishment of ARASIA Fund; adoption of a basis for member states' contribution

  7. Follow up on updating the ARASIA Guideline and Operating Rules; "Section5: GOVERNANCE OF ARASIA"

  8. Follow up on the Establishment of experts' Committees on Partnership/RM and communication 

  9. Any other business